Shelo Nabel USA in Spanish

I want to buy the Shelo Nabel Kit in the USA

What is Shelo Nabel USA?

Shelo Nabel is a company founded in the state of Jalisco Mexico in 2008; It already has more than 16 years of experience in the development of Products with Natural Formulas, its focus is Hair Care, Facial Treatment, Body Care and Cosmetics.

Currently Shelo Nabel is an expanding company and begins its operations in the United States, with tremendous success!

Would you like to be your client? Visit their Online Store right now ! But if what you are looking for is to Start your Shelo Nabel Business from Home and you want to know more about the business it offers... then, let's continue reading!

What does Shelo Nabel sell in the USA?

Their products stand out for being made with Natural Extracts of fruits, vegetables, and medicinal herbs such as: Chamomile, Aloe Vera, Rosemary, Cinnamon, Calendula, Dandelion.

Can you imagine a Potato Shampoo, an Oatmeal or Pomegranate Soap, a Bugambilia, Honey, Mint and Thyme Syrup, a Lettuce and Passionflower Facial Toner, or what to say about the famous Snail Slime Line... well that's it what SHELO NABEL USA sells, NATURAL PRODUCTS!

How Can I Sell Shelo Nabel in the United States?

Starting to sell Shelo Nabel in the United States is very easy, you just have to call 312-734-9625. I will advise you on the registration and registration process. We will be at your service to assist you and register.

Do you want to buy Shelo Nabel USA membership right now? or you need more information about the USA 2022 Catalog , we will send it to you by WhatsApp!

How much does it cost to join Shelo Nabel USA?

In the United States there are 3 packages to start being an Independent Distributor, you can choose the kit based on YOUR EXPERIENCE and YOUR EXPECTATIONS OF PROFITS that you want to obtain, remember that by being an Independent Distributor you can Generate More Sales that will Bring More Personal Well-being and Security Financial to your pockets!


Cost is $40 Dlls. With this kit you will receive:

  • 40% Profit
  • 1 Bag or Portfolio,
  • 1 Gift options**
  • 2 annual Shelo Nabel USA Catalogs
  • 1 Affiliation Contract

**(The Kit is established so the gift option cannot be chosen)


Cost is $525 Dlls . With this kit you will receive:

  • 50% Direct Profit
  • 1 Bag or Portfolio,
  • 1050 in Products at Catalog Price**
  • 2 annual Shelo Nabel USA Catalogs
  • 1 Affiliation Contract

**(Products are sent based on your selection)

How Much Money Do You Earn at Shelo Nabel USA?

Your income has no limit, you set your goals of how much you want to earn, remember that we give you from 40% to 50% of Profit from your Direct Sales of the Shelo Nabel USA Catalog Price

Now if you like WORKING AS A TEAM , also by signing up you can share the idea with more people who like your same philosophy: Be independent entrepreneurs, and above all manage your time by being your own boss.

For each person you enter you receive from 5% to 10% Commissions when your referrals place orders, call 312-734-9625 to have them explain how you can earn these Extra Income!!

How long will it take for my order to arrive in the USA?

Your Membership is processed, and it takes 3 to 5 business days from Monday to Friday for your package to be delivered, it is sent through UPS.

How do I place my order from Shelo Nabel USA?

There are 2 ways to process it:

  1. You can do it yourself from the comfort of your home through your computer.
  2. Shelo Nabel USA Customer Service can help you

Where can I Sell Shelo Nabel USA?

  • Sell ​​Shelo Nabel Direct Personal Treatment:

  • While it is true that we are moving to a more digital era to make sales, it is also very true that having direct contact with your client and giving them a direct demonstration of the product is 100% sure that you will close the sale, because your client trusts in you, because he sees the product!

  • You can Sell by Displaying the Products:

  • If you have your own business or the people in your network that you are joining, they can take advantage of that space to display the product, thus increasing its dissemination! You have a double advantage to exponentially increase your income!

  • "examples: if you have a girdle business you can put up a stand with Shelo Nabel Products"
  • "If you have a Restaurant, sell your customer the Taco, but also promote Shelo Nabel's Green Juice to eliminate fat from their body"

  • Sell ​​through Social Networks Shelo Nabel:

    Complement your business with social networks as they give you the potential to reach thousands of people from the comfort of your home, create content about our products, give testimony of how they work and what they can do for your health, you can additionally offer shipping at home to your clients, generating money from home as well as the possibility of growing your network.

Well, we have explained to you in a very brief way how to develop your Shelo Nabel USA Business, we leave you the link so you can enter the page, see more information or if you are already decided to start with us, just buy the kit of your preference and we will contact you to process your registration. Don't think about it anymore TAKE ACTION TODAY.