Shelo Nabel Wild Sweet Potato Herbal Cream

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Shelo Nabel Wild Sweet Potato Herbal Cream

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Shelo Nabel Wild Sweet Potato Herbal Cream for Menopause

  • Shelo Nabel Body Care
  • Body Cream for Daily Use
  • Natural Progesterone Cream
  • Ideal for Menopause Symptoms
  • Main Natural Ingredients: Olives and Wild Sweet Potato
  • Presentation: Net. Contents 3.38 fl oz. (100ml)

Shelo Nabel Wild Sweet Potato Herbal Cream What it is for, Benefits and Properties

Herbal Cream with Natural Progesterone extracted from Wild Sweet Potato auxiliary in the treatment of Menopause, Premenstrual Syndrome and Andropause.

The Main Benefits: Protects against mammary cystic fibrosis. natural antidepressant. Restores the libido. Eliminate hot flashes. Moisturizes the skin.

Wild Sweet Potato and its Properties : This produces the sterol Diosgenin, which our body easily converts into natural progesterone.

It is one of the richest natural sources of phytoestrogens, plant substances that act as Natural Progesterone and without being hormones , serve our body as Hormone Replacement Therapy without side effects.

Shelo Nabel Wild Sweet Potato Herbal Cream What does it contain?

Ingredients: Purified water, mineral oil, wild sweet potato extract, olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil and vitamin E.

Shelo Nabel Wild Sweet Potato Herbal Cream How to Use:

It is recommended to use Wild Sweet Potato Herbal Cream on soft areas of thinner skin, such as the Bust, Abdomen, Thighs, Forearms and Arms.

Apply in circular motions. Apply approximately half a tablespoon to specified areas.

Applications may require 2-3 months of use before maximum benefits are obtained. The best time to apply is at night before going to sleep.

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