Shelo Nabel Baba de Caracol Silk Hand Cream

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Shelo Nabel Baba de Caracol Silk Hand Cream

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Shelo Nabel Baba de Caracol Silk Hand Cream

  • Shelo Nabel Body Care
  • Body Cream for Daily Use
  • All Age and Skin Type
  • AM/PM Daily Use
  • Main Natural Ingredients: Allantoin, Collagen and Elastin
  • Presentation: Net. Contents 8.46 fl oz. (250ml)

Over time, the skin on the hands loses firmness and the volume of veins and tendons increases. The skin thins and fatty tissue is lost. In addition, the skin of the hands can present spots on the back, called solar lentigines. These spots are produced mainly by accumulation of solar radiation over the years.

Allantoin, collagen, glycolic acid and vitamins A and E are components found in snail slime and these ingredients together work to prevent and reverse the degeneration that occurs in our hands.

Shelo Nabel Baba de Caracol Hand Cream What are the Benefits?

  • Eliminate expression lines.
  • Removes cloth, age and sun stains.
  • Effective for pimples on the face.
  • Eliminate scars.
  • Revitalizes dry skin
  • Effective to treat acne
  • Eliminate stretch marks on the skin
  • Composition with assets that act to recover the health and vitality of the skin.
  • Prevents and fades spots.
  • Regenerates skin with imperfections and damaged after childbirth or diet.
  • Reconstructs dry skin, embellishing it by prolonging its youth.

Shelo Nabel Baba de Caracol Hand Cream How to use?

Massage into hands in circular motions for maximum hydration use morning and night, take with you to apply if you need extra moisture throughout the day.

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