Shelo Nabel Africano Mango

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Shelo Nabel Africano Mango

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Shelo Nabel African Mango

  • Chewable tablets
  • Ingredient: Guava, African Mango
  • Presentation: 80 Tablets

Reduces the desire to eat and controls the feeling of hunger. When you are on a diet, it is normal to experience some anxiety. The African Mango complement makes the sensation of eating less.

Shelo Nabel African Mango What is it for?

  • Balance and control your appetite
  • deflates your stomach
  • Improves gastric mobility
  • Helps the absorption of nutrients,
  • Helps reduce sizes.

Being overweight is the result of poor nutrition and has now become a problem for thousands of people.

The African Mango is characterized by reducing resistance to leptin, a hormone that is responsible for storing fat in the body, it also contains adipesin, a hormone that significantly improves blood circulation.

Another benefit is that it is rich in vitamin B, which acts at the liver level, helping to metabolize carbohydrates that are later converted into fat.

Shelo Nabel African Mango How is it used?

Consumption suggestion: Chew 3 tablets a day.

Chew 1 tablet before breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Where can I buy Shelo Nabel Natural Products in the USA?

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