Shelo Nabel Biphasic Hair Lotion

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Shelo Nabel Biphasic Hair Lotion

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Shelo Nabel Biphasic Hair Lotion

  • Shelo Nabel Hair Care
  • Hair products
  • Hair lotion
  • Natural Ingredients: Nanospheres
  • Presentation: Net. Contents 8.96 fl oz. (265ml)

Nanospheres are microscopic receptacles that transport the active ingredient(s) of a formula, allowing them to arrive intact and with the same nutritional value at their destination, in order to fulfill their function, which is why this new technology is being used either in allopathic medicine as well as cosmetic medicine, obtaining favorable results in whatever the active ingredient in the formulas.

It contains nano spheres that release vitamins, nourishing and hydrating the hair, providing a wet appearance, giving shine and silkiness, and facilitating styling.

Shelo Nabel Biphasic Hair Lotion What is it for?

Hair Lotion with Nano spheres retain moisture in the hair fibers, giving a protective barrier effect that prevents dryness. Shelo Nabel Biphasic gives your hair a silky appearance, ideal for hair that is brittle, with little flexibility, dry and lifeless.

  • Nourishes and moisturizes hair to the maximum
  • Nona spheres that vitaminize your hair
  • Provides a moist appearance

Shelo Nabel Biphasic Hair Lotion How to use it?

Use it after bathing with damp hair. Apply it from the middle of the hair to the ends, comb it as you normally do.

Instructions for use: After washing the hair and drying it, shake the Special Biphasic, spray evenly on the hair, comb as usual without rinsing

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