Shelo Nabel Seaweed Cream Firming Gel

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Shelo Nabel Seaweed Cream Firming Gel

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Seaweed Cream Firming Gel

  • Body Gel for Daily Use
  • All Age and Skin Type
  • unisex
  • Main Natural Ingredients: Seaweed, Horse Chestnut, Centella Asiatica, Ginkgo Biloba and Rosemary
  • Presentation: Net. Content 8.46 fl oz. (250ml )

Shelo Nabel Seaweed Cream What is it for?

Helps restore skin firmness, improving elasticity and deep moisturizing as it is quickly absorbed

When applying the Shelo Nabel Seaweed Gel you will feel its Firming Effect, ideal for use after pregnancy or loss of size because it repairs flaccid skin, prevents the formation of Stretch Marks and helps combat cellulite, reduces inflammation of the belly and prevents the formation of new ones. fat.

Shelo Nabel Seaweed Cream Benefits:

Reducing and firming gel contains in its formulation natural extracts of plants and citrus that benefit weight and height reduction treatments.

  1. Repairs sagging skin after pregnancy or loss of size
  2. Prevents the formation of stretch marks
  3. Effectively fights cellulite
  4. Deflates the belly
  5. Eliminates dead cells
  6. Prevents the formation of new fat

Shelo Nabel Seaweed Cream How is it applied?

We recommend applying the Seaweed Cream in the Areas Where You Have Grease Accumulation . Spread very well Giving a circular and invigorating massage. Combine it with exercise to see results faster!

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