Shelo Nabel Oriental Ginseng Cream

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Shelo Nabel Oriental Ginseng Cream

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Oriental Ginseng Cream

  • Shelo Nabel Personal Care
  • Body Cream for Daily Use
  • All Age
  • Oily sensitive skin
  • Main Natural Ingredients: Green Tea and Ginseng
  • Ingredients: Purified water, allantoin, glycerin, mineral oil, natural extracts of Ginseng, Sen, Green Tea, Green Walnut and sunscreen.
  • Presentation: Net. Contents 8.46 fl oz. (250ml)

Shelo Nabel Oriental Ginseng Cream What is it for?

Ginseng has exclusive components called ginsenosides, which are powerful antioxidant chemicals. The main benefits of these components in the human body are anti-inflammatory effects. Ideal for skin with acne problems, rosacea, sensitive skin.

Shelo Nabel Oriental Ginseng Cream Benefits:

  1. Provides the proteins that the skin requires.
  2. It is an excellent anti-wrinkle treatment.
  3. Acts optimized skin metabolism
  4. Nourishes and regenerates.
  5. Excellent anti-stress.
  6. Returns the firmness of the skin.
  7. Reduces lines of expression.
  8. Reduces risks of sunburn.
  9. Improves the tone of the complexion. Tones and nourishes.
  10. Excellent for strengthening the skin after exposing yourself to the sun.

Shelo Nabel Oriental Ginseng Cream How is it used?

Apply to a clean face in a circular motion from the center out in the morning and at night. easy absorption.

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