Shelo Nabel Digestive Enzymes

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Shelo Nabel Digestive Enzymes

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Shelo Nabel Digestive Enzymes Lighten your Digestion

  • Shelo Nabel Nutrition
  • healthy digestion
  • Helps Absorb Healthy Proteins
  • It favors Digestion.
  • Ingredients: Dehydrated Pulps of Papaya, Plum, Tamarind, Apple Fiber, Digestive Enzymes: Papain, Bromelain, Natural Tamarind Flavor, Sweetened with Stevia Rebaudiana Extract.
  • Presentation 8.8 oz. 250 gr.

What are Digestive Enzymes for?

The enzymes in our digestive system are responsible for processing and transforming food to be used as nutrients. Several factors can decrease its function or the amount in our body, generating gas, inflammation, slow digestion and malnutrition.

Shelo Nabel Digestive Enzymes Benefits:

  1. They help prevent abdominal inflammation.
  2. Effective in cases of inflammation or intestinal disorders
  3. Auxiliary in colitis or irritable colon.
  4. Prevents constipation and diarrhea.
  5. Auxiliary in heavy digestions.

Shelo Nabel Digestive Enzymes How are they taken?

How to use: Mix a measure (10g) in a glass of water (250 ml). Take once or twice a day after food.

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