Shelo Nabel FD Maitake

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Shelo Nabel FD Maitake

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FD Maitake What's in it?

  • Shelo Nabel Nutrition
  • Ingredients: Maitake Extract, Shitake Extract, Reishi Extract, Cat's Claw Graviola Extract.
  • Presentation: Net. Contents 30 ml. (30ml)
FD Maitake is a mushroom used in Asian culture for its immune system strengthening properties. It is combined with Reishi and Shitake for its anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant qualities.

FD Maitake Shelo Nabel what is it for?

  1. FD Maitake a powerful immunostimulant.
  2. Lowers cholesterol, triglycerides and elevated glucose levels.
  3. Helps control blood pressure, ideal for high blood pressure,
  4. Prevents the formation of cystic fibrosis,
  5. Slows down tumor growth
  6. prevents depression
  7. It will help you relax from within,
  8. Relieve the stress
  9. Auxiliary in the relief of gastritis and colitis.
  10. Helps quickly heal wounds in diabetic skin or skin ulcers. Just by applying a few drops daily in the affected area you will begin to see how the skin of people with diabetes heals more quickly.
  11. Contains Beta-D-glucan polysaccharide increases the body's defenses
  12. Helps cell regeneration, maintain healthy skin and tissues.
  13. Prevents premature aging.
  14. Gives vitality, strength and vigor.

FD Maitake Shelo Nabel How is it taken?

Dose of 10 to 20 drops daily, in three doses, between meals, not with them.
A consecutive treatment of 4 weeks is recommended. It is the time that the organism requires to carry out a complete detoxification.

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