Shelo Nabel Yogurt Soap

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Shelo Nabel Yogurt Soap

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yogurt soap

  • Shelo Nabel Personal Care
  • For Sensitive Skin
  • Ingredients: Soap base free of alkaline salts, aloe extract and yogurt protein respectively
  • Presentation 16.90 fl oz 500 ml

Shelo Nabel Yoghurt Soap What is it for?

Yogurt acts as a disinfectant and refresher, as well as giving skin a glow and dewy appearance. Its presentation in hand soap in any of its presentations, ensures moisturized hands with a silky sensation and, last but not least, free of viruses that can cause us diseases.

Shelo Nabel Yoghurt Soap How is it used?

How to use: Apply generously to damp hands and rinse with water.

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