Shelo Nabel Syrup Herbs

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Shelo Nabel Syrup Herbs

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Shelo Nabel Syrup Herbs

  • Shelo Nabel Personal Care.
  • Organic Natural Syrup.
  • Ingredients: Propolis extract, mullein extract, elderberry extract, myrrh extract, bougainvillea extract, eucalyptus extract, thyme extract, grapefruit seed extract, natural honey, natural menthol.
  • Presentation: 8.45 fl oz 250 ml

Shelo Nabel Herbal Syrup What is it for?

Bee honey when combined with other herbs such as bugambilia, offer excellent results in the treatment of annoying cough.

Since a long time ago, honey has been known worldwide for its healing properties, one of its best uses has been in the preparation of syrups.

Shelo Nabel Syrup Herbs Benefits:

  1. Effective to prevent and treat infectious processes of the respiratory tract.
  2. Protects the vocal cords from infections and damage caused by cold.
  3. Natural antiviral effect.
  4. Reduces throat irritation.

Shelo Nabel Syrup Herbs how to take it

How to use: Take 5 – 10 ml every 6 hours. For very persistent cough take 5 ml every 4 hours or until the symptoms disappear.

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