Shelo Nabel L-Carnitine Amino Acids

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Shelo Nabel L-Carnitine Amino Acids

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Shelo Nabel L-Carnitine Amino Acids

  • Shelo Nabel Nutrition
  • Orange flavor
  • With Dehydrated Pulp of Lemon, Orange, Grapefruit
  • Presentation 8.81 oz 250 gr.

Shelo Nabel L-Carnitine Amino Acids, what is it for?

L-Carnitine are amino acids ideal for people who exercise, stimulates an increase in energy, amino acids prevent the deterioration of muscle mass, helps metabolize food into energy, so it helps you recover after exercising

Shelo Nabel L-Carnitine Amino Acids 10 Benefits:

Among its benefits are:

  1. • No side effects and controls blood sugar.
  2. • Promotes energy generation through its fatty acids.
  3. • Increases resistance.
  4. • Promotes muscle development.
  5. • Reduces fatigue.
  6. • Suppresses the appetite.
  7. • Burn calories.
  8. • Supports bone mass.
  9. • Antioxidant.
  10. • Reduces triglycerides and improves mood

Shelo Nabel L-Carnitine How to use

How to use: Mix the content of two tablespoons of powder (10gr), in a glass with water (240 ml). Consume before any physical activity.

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