Shelo Nabel Chocolate Vitamin Shake

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Shelo Nabel Chocolate Vitamin Shake

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Shelo Nabel Chocolate Vitamin Shake

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  • Ingredients: Whey protein, soy protein, calcium, natural cocoa, oats, wheat bran, stevia (100 mg/100 gr), vitamins.

Vitamins operate at a cellular level ensuring a variety of physiological processes to maintain our health, which is why it is important to complement your daily diet with Powdered Milkshakes. Take one serving in 240 ml of milk

Shelo Nabel Chocolate Vitamin Milkshake What is it for?

We all need to consume certain types of foods and nutrients that contribute to our physical and mental health. Nutritional imbalance, due to excess or lack of nutrients, considerably affects our body. The Sheló NABEL Chocolate Flavor Milkshake contains soy, oats and wheat bran, which have an excellent nutritional profile, as they contain proteins, fats, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, calcium, essential amino acids, potassium and vitamins such as E and B6, providing our family the necessary nutrients to prevent diseases related to poor nutrition such as anemia

Shelo Nabel Chocolate Vitamin Milkshake How is it taken?

Consumption suggestion: Add 2 tablespoons (20 g) of Chocolate Flavored Milkshake Powder to a glass or cup with skim milk (approx. 240 mL). Shake well until the mixture is smooth and drink.

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