Shelo Nabel Natural Teatox

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Shelo Nabel Natural Teatox

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Shelo Nabel Natural Teatox Free Your Body! Herbal Slimming Powder

  • Detoxifying Tea
  • Does not cause pain
  • Very nice taste
  • Sweetened with Stevia
  • Hot or Cold Drink
  • unisex
  • Presentation: Box with 15 Envelopes
  • About 10g. 10gr

Due to the content of natural extracts that it possesses, it provides numerous benefits to your body, such as protection of your cells against the damage produced by free radicals, contributing to the elimination of substances that your body does not need and is a great ally in digestion.

Shelo Nabel Natural Teatox What is it for:

Removes Intestinal Scab, Shelo Nabel Natural Teatox Removes Kilos of Accumulated Dirt , therefore helps you clean your colon, fights constipation, is a Natural anti-inflammatory tea, your whole body is revitalized.

Shelo Nabel Natural Teatox What Natural Ingredients Does It Contains?

Cranberry, Chaga Mushrooms, Ganoderma, Persimmon, Cardosanto, Malva, Ginger, Chamomile Marshmallow, Myrrh,

Shelo Nabel Natural Teatox How is it used?

You can take it as a cold or hot drink! Just add the contents of a Natural sachet to a cup of hot water (240 ml) Dissolve very well, if you want to drink it cold add ice, let it rest for 3 min and you will have a refreshing and detoxifying drink!

It is recommended to take half in the morning and half at night before going to sleep.

Shelo Nabel Natural Teatox Where can I buy it in the USA?

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