Shelo Nabel Potato Shampoo

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Shelo Nabel Potato Shampoo

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Shelo Nabel Potato Shampoo

  • Shelo Nabel Hair Care
  • Ingredients: Purified spring water, potato extract, calendula, flaxseed, vitamins B, C, citric acid.
  • Presentation: Net. Contents 17.92 fl oz. (530ml)

Hair is a key element in the physical image of a person; for this reason we must take care of it and keep it healthy, clean and beautiful. In dermatology and cosmetics books, hair is studied as one of the annexes to the skin, along with nails, sebaceous and sweat glands, structures found in the dermis and epidermis, and, with their proper functioning, achieve maintain the health and characteristics of healthy skin.

Contains essential amino acids for hair. It also contains vitamin which eliminates impurities in the scalp. It provides the hair with shine and health, nourishes and strengthens it, which makes it grow faster and healthier.

What are the Benefits of Papa Shelo Nabel Shampoo?

  • Delays the appearance of gray hair
  • Improves damaged hair and restores split ends
  • Protects hair from breakage and nourishes the scalp

How is Papa Shelo Nabel Shampoo used?

Apply a generous amount of shampoo to wet hair from the roots, massaging lightly, rinse and repeat the operation to ensure penetration and leave to act for 2 minutes. For a deep action.


Purified spring water, coconut glucoside, cocamidopropyl betaine, potato extract, calendula, flaxseed, vitamin B, C, cocamide DEA, preservatives, citric acid, fragrance and color.

The potato is composed of water, fiber, carbohydrates, vitamin C, proteins and minerals such as iron and phosphorus, essential for our personal care.

With vitamins, proteins, calendula and flaxseed
weak and brittle hair
Strengthens, nourishes and delays the appearance of gray hair

• Ingredients that help improve the healthy appearance of hair.
• Helps prevent breakage and deterioration of the hair fiber.
• Strengthens the scalp.
• Prevents the appearance of dandruff and gray hair.
• Cleanses and keeps the hair manageable and shiny.

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